Working On Ideas and Myself

Blog of mine, I haven’t forgot about you. And to my readers, my sincere apologies for abandoning you in this platform. I mean,  I’m still telling stories on Instagram and posting my thoughts on Facebook. So, it’s not that bad.

Video Blog

This right here, ladies and gents, is my latest video blog. I’m kind of posting it late. Sorry about that too. Honestly, my mind has been a little bit everywhere. This year was a slow start for me. The first quarter of it is pretty much gone. Crazy right? I can complain about it all day. But let’s focus on how I’m going to DO and not cry about what I haven’t done.

Working On Sketch Comedies

I’m working on a new sketch. The team is getting together finally to pull this one off. The idea is to write more, shoot more,  act more. Make tons of noise on the internet.  Repeat and repeat.  To the point where I can finally launch a big project that will have a large audience to support it. Simple right? Not really. But baby steps people!

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I’m Doing Local Stuff!

This week I showcased my latest short film Confession at FilmGate Miami’s Comedy Film Festival Edition . The experience was amazing. The audience laughs and reactions  brought some reassurance and motivation to what I’m actually trying to achieve here.

I’ve been doing improv classes at Villain Theatre.  I’m moving on to level 2! I will reserve my comments about it for another post. It’s been a real adventure.  That’s all I will say for now.

Oh, Miami. I’m coming for you!

My Office Situation, Again

If you watched my video,  you’ll see I’ve made the decision to leave my office. Since my lease is up on May.  But this may not be the case anymore. I’m running an experiment that might keep me there for a while longer.

The goal never changes. As a full operating business, I want stay productive, and lucrative without killing myself and my creativity? I want to talk about this more since I’ve never really defined what it is that I do as a video production company.  That’s been a puzzle too.

My friends, as ambiguos as all of this sounds, the future looks bright. Of course, every now and then I’m battling and wrestling with anxiety. It’s not easy running a business and brand. The demand to stay on top of your game is real. I’m just figuring this out as I go. It’s the school of hard knocks for me.

I will keep you in the loop. Only because it helps me dissect and understand my situation even more when I write, talk, and share about it.  There’s no shame in that.

I’m truly blessed by all of this. I can honestly say, without sounding too cliche, that this is just the beginning. It feels like it.

I’m not afraid of failure. I’m afraid of staying and living in passivity.