Old YouTube Videos Are Unlisted

So, now, I pretty much have an empty YouTube Channel. And no, this was not a mistake or an error on Google’s part. It was all intentional.

It’s not the first time I wipe everything out on a platform. I’ve done so with blogs, social media, projects, and ideas I’ve publicly announced of it being ” the perfect thing for me to do.”

For rebranding purposes, I think this was a right move towards the direction I’m going. Which is pretty much of a gray area when you ask where am I heading? But bare with me.

The book Essentialism: The Discipline of Pursuit of Less, which I need to revisit gain, quotes Lao Tzu when explaining the power of subtracting. 

To attain knowledge add things everyday. To attain wisdom subtract things everyday.

The path of producer,actor, and musician must be super laser-focused in training, creation, and marketing and often this type of creator can be overwhelmed by the countless of mediums available to him or her. We can unwisely fall in to entertainment trends (which are effective) and become discouraged in the process because it’s not somehow fulfilling the passion of why we do what we do. And The why is always more important to me than the what (quantity, subscribers, readers, views, and likes)And if this means to erase things and start over, I don’t mind that either.

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