January Report: Youtube Analytics

YouTube has obviously become a powerful tool for my creative work. I won’t say I’ve used to its fullest because I haven’t. I should be publishing weekly, if not bi-weekly, to increase the views and watch time for my channel (and pillar videos like my recent short film). Is it necessary? As a content creator, to produce videos frequently, I think it is as much as my writing is necessary to this blog and brand. I will have to admit that I failed in strategizing for it this year. My concerns were geared more towards pruning some areas of my life to become more effective this 2015. I don’t regret it one bit. It seems that I’ve concluded to become more local, focus strongly in just making music and movies, and writing more. My desire to push the end product has gone from 100% to 25%. Truthfully, I don’t think I’ve “marketed” my latest film and music enough or at all.

“Every artist has thousands of bad drawings in them and the only way to get rid of them is to draw them out.” — Chuck Jones

And now I know why. I’m being true to myself. Chuck is right. There’s tone of bad drawings in me. And they need to come out. That’s the priority.

I can’t complain. I’m not. I’m very happy how this January is looking. Especially with the great news that came from a local film festival. I’ve achieved my goal.  I’ve Finished this month’s race. My ideas have taken a physical form and consequently it is now being appreciated by a small group of people. That’s it. Time to repeat it again.

This is doesn’t mean I’m not measuring my work. Since I started my Youtube Channel fresh, I’ve seen amazing results. Now, these numbers will not blow your mind. For someone who’s going hardcore with this platform, it might kind of be discouraging or taken as a Joke. The views and following are pretty embarrassing really, but it’s so satisfying at the same time because the little bit achieved has proven my strategy to work. I curiously ask myself, “What would happen if I continue this pattern.”

Let me share a bit of what’s happening behind the scenes in my YouTube Space.


As I get familiar with the Analytics section inside the Creator Studio, I can see how well or bad Poison For Dinner, along with the others, has done in the past 28 days (Dec 28,2014 – Jan 24, 2015). In this post, I’ll just focus on Poison For Dinner, how come it’s a pillar video for the channel. Looking at it now, it’s close to 500 views since launching January 6, 2015. Being a 6 minute video, total time should be close to the 3000s. It’s not. It’s 1,727.

The rest of the videos labelled as “PFDs” where an intent of creating some kind of behind the scenes buzz. They’re pretty short. None really passing 2 minutes. I should have thought of it more carefully. In the beginning, they were set as Unlisted (privately shared) for them to be shared exclusively through my social media spaces. I decided to go public days later. I don’t think it made a difference. Next time, if the BTS vids are short (10-60 seconds), I’ll decide to keep them Unlisted and accessible to social media only (post, tweets, and etc). Maybe, then edit a longer version of the BTS to finally share publicly via Blog and Youtube. To clear it up for you, think of my strategy as posting 15 seconds video via Vine or Instagram, but only through Youtube. My goal was and is not to be everywhere. It’s too much craziness for one man to handle.

I happy to have gone from 0 to 11 subscribers. That means in a year I could reach 100.

I decided to NOT to turn on Adsense or Monetize for Poison For Dinner. Don’t think it would of made anything anyways. This was just another thing I didn’t want to monitor. Money is not my motive to grow my YouTube channel. That explains the $0.


Mobile is taken over even with video (nothing new). Yesterday, an acquaintance was surprised to have heard (From someone else. Remember, I’m keeping quiet) that I made a film. He quickly took out his iPhone 6 and searched for it.  Done.

Surprisingly enough, the watch-time held up compared to the Computer.


Average View Duration for Poison For Dinner is pretty much telling me that people watched it half way. And that hurts. A tiny bit more than half (64%) saw the whole six minute film. What can I conclude? That I need to work harder in my three-act structure (story) to hook people and strategically captivate them through the use of production value or something. It’s hard to tell, it being my first video on Youtube. But that for sure is a red flag.


The beauty of Poison for Dinner that it had no dialog. It heavily relied on the visuals and music (which I composed). This means that the video should be universal, right? A

And of course, it could be a reason why people didn’t see the whole thing.

But anyways, let me rejoice with the idea that it was watched globally. That’s something to celebrate. I’ve obviously received some views from the cast’s nationality (Peru, Argentina, and Honduras). But even more impressive are all the other countries that follows. Poof! This is the power of the internet. A small idea in my mind reached the world. Whether people liked it or not. It traveled their way.

So, this is my take on how my analytic are working for me. I’m hoping to learn more, share more, and connect with local content creators via Miami Youtuber Google+ Community and other places I recently joined through Meetup to continue making narrative films and music.

If you haven’t seen Poison For Dinner, check it out:

If you want to learn more about Youtube. Make sure to visit their Creator Hub page.

Also, please subscribe to my Youtube Channel to stay tuned for the next film.

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